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Rena Ware Business Opportunity

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Starting a business

Gives you the tools to succeed with virtually
no financial obligation.

Promotes "buen comer", the art of eating well at home.

Promotes "BUEN COMERâ„¢",
the art of eating well at home.


Is committed to sustainability and improving the ENVIRONMENT.

What makes the Rena Ware Different?

No inventory purchases required-ever!

Unlike some other opportunities, our focus is to sell to our customers, not the people that join us.

Minimal enrollment fee

Includes enrollment, training, use of technology, and more; all at no extra cost.

We pay you first

We pay commissions immediately. You start earning a profit from your business with your first sale.

We value your time

Rena Ware ships products directly to your customers and collects payments so you can invest your time on activities that maximize your earnings.

Credit program

We offer financing to customers with a minimal down payment and low monthly payments.

Start right away!

If you are looking for extra income give Rena Ware a try.

Mobile tools

Mobile tools at your fingertips. You only invest your time.

Start Earning

Start earning a profit with your first sale!

Earn products and sales materials

Earn products and sales materials to help you grow your business. Refer to your local program rules for details.

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We will have a Rena Ware Independent Representative contact you to answer your questions or even help you to start your own business.

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